Embodied Compassion

$165.00 +gst

Embodied Compassion is a 31-day drip course delivered directly to your inbox. This course is designed to keep you actively involved in your own process of unlearning and remembering. Intentionally delivered in a way to support ease and gentleness while providing you opportunities to dive into learning and practicing self-compassion. Through a mix of education, inquiry, and mindful practices, you will unpack some of the common roadblocks and misconceptions about self-compassion, helping you reclaim a more easeful relationship with yourself. 



You will receive daily emails over 31 days, allowing you to consistently spend 15- 30 minutes a day remembering compassion for yourself. There will be days of education, journal prompts, mindfulness and somatic practices, along with gentle check-ins to help you sustain and integrate self-acceptance and self-compassion into your life.