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My Approach

All my offerings are trauma-responsive and centered around well-being. I weave together an understanding of neurobiology while revering the sacred and mysterious aspects of being human. Albert Einstein once wrote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” I am interested in fostering embodied imagination – individually and collectively – as a way to access your innate capacity for living a daring life.

Online Courses

31-day slow course directly to your inbox


This course is designed to keep you actively involved in your own process of unlearning and remembering. When a subject is broken down into bite-sized chunks of information, it allows your nervous system not to get overwhelmed, and it can help ease the hypervigilance of your self-critic.  Less is more, and slower is faster is an idiom most trauma therapist talks about. Information delivered in this way can be easier to integrate because it honours the physiology of the human brain, which naturally shifts through cycles of attention and distraction.

Over 31 days, you will spend 15- 20 minutes a day remembering compassion for yourself. There will be days of education, journal prompts, mindfulness and somatic practices, along with gentle check-ins to help you sustain and integrate self-acceptance and self-compassion into your life.

Self-paced Guidebook

sliding scale

This 30 page guidebook offers 38 inquiry questions and 14 practices for recognizing your Inner Critic and nurturing your Inner Wisdom.

The Inner Critic can be a constant and relentless part of your daily life. The Inner Critic’s persistent narration about you and your life can begin to feel normal and even necessary. It isn’t. There are ways of recognizing and supporting the Inner Critic so that they can rest. There are ways to cultivate your Inner Wisdom as a more steady and constant presence in your life.

This is for you if:

  • Your inner dialogue tends to be strict, cruel, and harsh in nature.
  • You question how you would find motivation without your Inner Critic.
  • You suspect that your inner dialogue could be different but are unsure how to change it.
  • You want your inner dialogue to be kind while being inspiring.
  • You are interested in imaginative ways of exploring your relationship with yourself.
Live Offerings

Online Therapeutic Community


Community Sessions is a therapeutic group established in collective care to confront patterns of comparison and competition and embody belonging through group support and dance.

8 weeks: Next Group Fall 2024: TBA

Fridays – 2 group options: 

  • Morning 10:30-12:30 PST
  • Afternoon 2:30-4:30 PST

Each 2 hr session will include a group check-in, dance, and care circle. 

12 week Embodiment Mentorship

for therapists

ATTEND: Embodied Mentorship helps therapists shift from insecure and restricted to self-assured and free by progressively dancing your full self back into your practice through a 12-week community-oriented expressive container.

Next Cohort: TBA 2025 – on hold while I drop into my own year-long Apprenticeship.