Self-Compassion Morsels

31-day email course

Your relationship with yourself matters.

Self-Compassion Morsels is a 31-day email course delivered directly to your inbox. Designed to offer you easy-to-digest morsels of information and practices to help you turn your kindness inward. After over a decade in private practice as a trauma-integrated somatic therapist, I have recognized some commonalities that hinder having compassion towards ourselves. This course touches on these common roadblocks.

Learning to be more compassionate with ourselves has powerful and long-lasting impacts in every area of our lives. The more acceptance we find for ourselves the more in flow we experience our life and relationships. Acceptance and compassion are far-reaching; they extend out and welcome in other people, animals, and nature.

I developed this course because I wanted to make compassion an integrated, integral ritual in my life. I needed something that could sustain my attention over a long enough period that compassion and acceptance would become habits, and I needed practices that would be easy to integrate into my life. I couldn’t find anything like this, so I decided to create it. I hope it impacts you as profoundly as it has me.

How It Works

This course is designed to keep you actively involved in your own process of unlearning and remembering. When a subject is broken down into bite-sized chunks of information, it allows our nervous system not to get overwhelmed, and it can help ease the hyper-vigilance of our self-critic.  Less is more, and slower is faster is an idiom any trauma therapist talks about. Information delivered in this way can be easier to integrate because it honours the physiology of the human brain, which naturally shifts through cycles of attention and distraction.

Your brain also does best when there is consistency in practicing a new skill. In this case, a regular practice of self-compassion over 31 days will impact the parts of your brain that are responsible for detecting emotions, their effects on your body, and how we choose to represent them.

Intentionally delivered in a way to support ease and gentleness while providing you opportunities to dive into learning and practicing self-compassion. Through a mix of education, inquiry, and mindful practices you will unpack some of the common road blocks and misconceptions about self-compassion helping you reclaim a more easeful relationship with yourself.

What’s Included

Over 31 days, you will spend 5-10 minutes with the email and accompanying prompts, plus a 30-day 15 min guided meditation practice to remember compassion for yourself. There are days of education, journal prompts, mindfulness and somatic practices, and gentle check-ins to help you sustain and integrate self-acceptance and self-compassion into your life.


  • Audio: Daily Compassion Practice (15mins)
  • Worksheets, somatic practices, and journal prompts to help you gently explore your relationship with yourself
  • Accompanying Compassion Journal
  • Several other guided practices, including: Creating an Inner Sanctuary Practice from Inner Critic | Inner Wisdom Guidebook
  • And more…


 $165 + 5%gst

I Practice Price Parity. If you are a resident of what is currently called Canada or Australia, please use the CAN/AUS link. If you are a resident of what is currently called the United States or another country, please use the USA/INTL link.

If you live in another country and would like to discuss suitable pricing, please email me.

Meet Yvette


Hi! I’m a somatic psychotherapist. Movement is the way I make sense of the world. It is the language I am the most comfortable listening to and speaking. My offerings culminate in my love for music and dance and my various studies in psychology, mindfulness, attachment theory, movement science, sacred movement, energy work, and neurobiology.

I know all too well what it means to live life under the restraints of self-criticism. I also know the ease and contentment that comes with self-compassion. I believe and trust that we all have the innate ability to be kinder to ourselves, no matter how unfamiliar it may currently seem.

“Self-Compassion Morsels is a lovely daily ritual that helped me to be more intentional in incorporating Self-Compassion practices. The content is not only visually and audibly delightful but also strategic in application so that it is tangible, accessible, and flows well. Yvette is a magician with words, and you will feel the care that is woven into this course. This course truly encompasses the presence of compassion.

Beta Tester

“With their many years of practice, Yvette has thoughtfully brought this course into existence. I chose to take part in this practice with them because I trust their guidance and knowledge. I often rush excitedly into new challenges and courses. When I hit rocky moments, I lose motivation and spiral into guilt. Yvette anticipated these shame traps that are perpetuated by perfectionism and toxic positivity. With carefully curated invitations, she guides you through the practice of acceptance. As the days went by, I found myself softening into kindness. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to work towards shifting their inner critical narrative and gently cultivate self-love.”

Leatitia Jacquouton

“I accidentally over-drafted my bank account today. There was a lofty fee accompanying this little whoopsie. Coincidentally, I just completed Self-Compassion Morsels and have been actively practicing self-compassion for the last 31 days. I was able to meet myself with patience and kindness. When the critical parts of me started in their harsh narratives, I was able to meet myself with the gentle love I deserved.

This course is revolutionary. Thanks, Yvette!”


“This course was exactly what I needed! I learned so much and had many profound WOW moments. The course helped me make simple, feasible changes, and provided a framework to continue building and growing upon. It was excellent, and I’m deeply grateful for this wonderful experience.” 

Beta Tester

I Practice Price Parity. If you are a resident of what is currently called Canada or Australia, please use the CAN/AUS link. If you are a resident of what is currently called the United States or another country, please use the USA/INTL link.

If you live in another country and would like to discuss suitable pricing, please email me.

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