Community Sessions

a therapeutic gathering
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A space to drop deep into relationships & relational care.

Community Session was born out of a desire for real connection, for a community that doesn’t bypass life’s difficulties. Out of a desire to hold and be held in collective relationships. Somewhere to be messy, joyful, complicated, cheerful and to feel seen and held through it all.

It started as an in-person gathering in 2019 but was forced to move online during the pandemic. Remaining online has allowed us to connect with a global community across time zones and distances. In the second year, I added a dance practice to support us in individual and collective embodiment before our sharing circle.

When we gather in community, we are gifted an opportunity to deepen our understanding of how we relate. We begin to heal the social wounds of comparison, jealousy, and fear and remember that we are not alone.

How It Works

During each gathering, we will meet in our common humanity and connect through our lived experiences, dropping into the power of relationship and community to remember our full potential together.

In an attempt to dismantle the hierarchy within traditional therapeutic groups, I participate; I show up as a human first in my vulnerability while hosting the space. We all support one another, and we reflect and celebrate as a collective.

Each 2-hour online session includes:

  • 30-45 mins of free-form, intuitive movement to align & connect
  • 75-90 mins of community circle
  • a brief closing practice to ground & integrate

    2023 Dates

    Jan 22 / Feb 19 / March 19 / April 16 / May 21 / June 11

    2 hr sessions – 12PST | 2CST | 3EST

    Sliding Scale $290-390

    One financial support spot will be available. Priority will be given to 2SLGBTQI+, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and/or folks with disabilities.

    Monthly payments available; Jan-June.

    Each year a portion of the proceeds are distributed to Black North, Rainbow Refugee, and Water First as determined by participants.

    Meet Yvette


    Hi! I’m a somatic psychotherapist. Movement is the way I make sense of the world. It is the language I am the most comfortable listening to and speaking. My offerings culminate my love for music and dance and my various studies in psychology, mindfulness, attachment theory, movement science, sacred movement, energy work, and neurobiology.

    I know the healing power of therapeutic community that fosters space for our truest expressions of self. Spaces free from performative requirements, spaces that allow us to be with one another in the vastness of our human being-ness. A space to hold one another in our complexity; during our pain and their delight. Welcome to Community Sessions.

    What participants have said:

    Community sessions are so dear to my heart. My experience has been one of deep connection, validation, and being welcomed in all my imperfect humanness in the most healing way. The movement practice is a gorgeous gift of learning to move with what’s present rather than to accomplish a goal, as we so often move otherwise.


    My system felt very relaxed and welcomed from pretty much the start. Beginning with movement is so powerful for nervous system regulation, embodiment, and integrating safety before sharing in vulnerability. I adore that you work to remove the usual power differential between “faciliator” and “attendees” or more commonly felt as “healer” and “broken people” this allows all of us to welcome ALL our parts.


    The way you both facilitated and participated in the group, by sharing your own experience and being vulnerable, really shifted the energy of the group— so it felt more like authentic community and less like clinical “support group” where there is a hierarchy… it shifted the power in a way that felt good to me.

    2021-2022 Participant

    The movement experiences that Yvette crafts are safe and transformational simultaneously. When talk therapy isn’t working, this should be your next go-to to explore your inner landscapes. And that’s only half the fun. The other half comes from the wonderful community of humans that you’ll meet in the conversation after the dance, which also feels simultaneously safe and transformational.


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