Movement for Your Well-Being

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Movement can be a way to access our strength, dignity, and sovereignty. It can help us reach into the depths of our truth and be the force behind change. The movement experiments offered here are about resilience from a mindful and compassionate place, they are for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This is not about changing your physique. These are moments to explore, to tap into your body as a way to traverse your psyche. To unite soma + psyche.

Movement experiment types:

  • Functional Movement – movements that can be used in real-life situations. These can help us develop mental and physical capacity and strength.
  • Task-oriented Movement – movements where you are offered a specific task to perform within multiple variables. These help us focus our mind by engaging our pre-frontal cortex while practicing mindful movements.
  • Guided Movement – here I will give more specific instructions to help guide a movement journey. These offer you a chance to tap into your imagination and explore somatic storytelling.
  • Free-form Movement – self-directed movement with less direction where you get the opportunity to drop-in and follow your own inner knowing.
  • Resourcing Movement – all movement can be resourcing. The intention here is to help you return to your body, feel grounded, and support your nervous system.